Pointers to the Inner Circle

This blog is meant as support to my goal of learning functional programming.

The effort started in 2010 with usage of Java and the Functional Java library, but it has shifted focus. As of 2013 I am practising functional programming in Javascript.

This page is a collections of links to the pages where the real work is taking place. In order to organize the information and my learning process, I am following two streams of thoughts:

1) Relevant Concepts

Relevant concepts are e.g. monads, tuples and actors. These are abstractions that I am using as subjects and objects in my writing, hoping to understand them better as I proceed.

I am preparing a series of pages, each one dedicated to one of these concepts. In some cases I am already able to write something original.

2) “Functional Functions”

There is a whole set of functions (like curry, fmap, foldRight, etc.) that operate on other functions and seem to form a collection of atomic operators for decomposing every complex algorythm. It would be nice to have for each function:

  • a clear description of the purpose, scope and applicability, supported by clear examples
  • a generic Javascript implementation (either original or found on the Net)
  • a clear indication of which are the other functions most likely to be used together, in order to do something useful

This work of description should emphasize the possibility to compose these functions. Kind of using Lego blocks.


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