Beyond “Monads and Gonads”

There’s this famous “Monads and Gonads” video from Doug Crockford. To me it is cryptic, kind of elitist: it flies over a lot of fairly complex stuff without giving sound grip on the matter. I can’t imagine anyone ‘seeing’ monads for the first time thanks to this presentation.

The major merits of this video are to state clearly that monads don’t need a type system, that monads ought to be objects taking care of their own adherence to monad laws and to show that JS is perfectly suited to manage those objects using a terse, straightforward syntax.

Besides, imho the presentation cuts too many corners and stops short of presenting and explaining meaningful examples. This led me to fork the original Crockford’s code and produce further applications of the monads presented inside it, as well as of new types.

Details inside…

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